A Good Pairing is Fun to Find

The right food or beverage can enhance an evening smoke onboard your Sea Ray.

Pairing your cigar with just the right food or drink can be a fun way to experiment and add an artisanal twist to your typical smoking session, whether it takes place in the cockpit of your Sea Ray or at home. The following taste and smoke sensations, recommended by the experts at the Montecristo Social Club, go together famously:

Espada by Montecristo Guard (50 x 6”) and a Vosges Aztec Truffle

The Cigar: A Vintage 100% Nicaraguan tobacco with a bold and spicy blend—the world where sweet and robust find harmony.

The Sweet: Vosges Truffles. Their Ambrosia Truffle has cocoa butter white chocolate, macadamia nuts and a hint of Cointreau.

The Result: Decadent and satisfying. The spicy notes of the Espada and the truffle are a great after-dinner combo.

H. Upmann The Banker Annuity (52 x 6”) and New Mexico Pinon Coffee

The Cigar: This timeless cigar, with its German Banker roots dating back 170 years, does not disappoint. The nutty profile wraps itself within hints of leather, spice and coffee.

The Coffee: Do yourself a favor and brew a pot of this blend. Master New Mexican roasters have developed “The Land of Enchantment Coffee” and they make a mean bean. Their high-altitude Arabica offers a nutty and smooth blend. Our favorite is the dark roast.

The Result: Add in a leather chair or sunpad overlooking the water and a 1st edition copy of The Sun Also Rises and you’ll be in pairing heaven. The old-world notes of coffee and spice will make this a go-to combo.

Romeo y Julieta Aniversario Churchill (54 x 7”) and HaandBryggeriet Norwegian Wood Beer

The Cigar: This rich cigar pays homage to the Romeo y Julieta’s 130-year-old history. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Sumatra, the binder is Connecticut broadleaf, and the complex fillers are a combination of Peruvian, Dominican and Nicaraguan premium blends. It’s spicy, robust and creamy to the taste.

The Brew: If you like a smoky beer, you’ll find none more desirable than the Norwegian Wood. This farmhouse beer made with local juniper branches and berries is combined with toasted nuts, which gives it a bitter, hops-like pine finish.

The Result: This fine cigar smoke and sweet smoky brew full up with herbal flavor is just the right combination.

Henry Clay Stalk Cut Toro (54 x 6”) and Zaya Gran Reserva Rum

The Cigar: This Stalk Cut method (tobacco cut, removed from soil and hung dry in tobacco barns) makes for a naturally oiled and flavorful cigar. Its Dark Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and Dominican Vintage binder and filler produce one of the best bold sticks in the Henry Clay portfolio.

The Drink: This popular spirit has converted many who used to say, “I’m not much of a rum person.” This sweet and nutty spirit is at its best when used as sipping rum. The tastes of vanilla along with caramel come to mind when experiencing this drink.

The Result: You’ll soon realize your first go-round with this bold and flavorful pairing is a keeper and a can’t-go-wrong combination for any time of day or evening.

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