A Home Away From Home

The décor experts at Sunbrella Fabrics share tips to make your Sea Ray feel even more like home.

Whether cruising, swimming or lounging with friends and family, Sea Ray owners feel at home on the water. With the added comforts of stylish and functional Sunbrella® upholstery fabrics and accessories, your boat can truly become your home away from home.

“In order to make your boat feel like home, plan your boat’s décor as you would your home’s décor—choose colors and patterns that you love,” says Gina Wicker, design and creative director for Sunbrella fabrics. “Because Sunbrella fabrics are comfortable, durable and beautiful, you can incorporate coordinating styles above and below deck, as well as in your accessories, to make your boat’s décor a reflection of your personal style.”

To achieve a cohesive look that is as beautiful as it is functional, Wicker offers several tips and techniques.

Begin where you spend the most time, above deck, and choose upholstery styles and colors that coordinate with your Bimini or enclosure. Classic color combinations like navy blue and beige will never go out of style and offer the perfect backdrop for experimenting with colors and patterns in your accessories. Try mixing solids, stripes and patterns in a similar color palette or choose opposites to make a bold statement.

For the seating areas below deck, use an upholstery fabric that is similar in tone to the surrounding bunks and V-berths to give the illusion of more space. A textural upholstery fabric adds interest and comfort, and accessories made with Sunbrella fabric add personality and warmth. Throw pillows, upholstered poufs, luxurious throw blankets and soft Sunbrella rugs underfoot will transform your boat into your home on the water.

For more design inspiration, check out the wide selection of available colors, patterns and styles by visiting the Marine section at sunbrella.com.

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