A Sea Ray Tail

A black Lab’s love for water matches his owners’ love for their Sea Ray.

Sea Ray owners are natural storytellers. Every now and then, these weekend sagas leave the Monday morning office break room and find their way into the Sea Ray inboxes. Mostly they recount scenic cruises or adoration for the boat that does the cruising, but recently Launchpad received a story notable not only for its content, but also for its author.

Searay is a black Labrador from Charlevoix, Michigan, with fur self-described in an email, evidently penned by his own paws, “as black as coal and really shiny like a brand-new pair of patent leather shoes.” Whether by his own volition or at his owners’ encouragement, Searay sent us his story. “I am a tail (excuse the pun) of survival,” he writes. “A powerful story of what occurs when love crosses species and will simply not let go.”

After the birth of 10 puppies in May 2011, Searay’s mother accidentally rolled over the litter, killing one and severely injuring Searay’s rear legs and spine. After weeks of recovery, when veterinarians feared the pup would never walk the same or wag his tail again, Searay moved in with adoptive parents Jenn and Ed Arbaugh.

The trio quickly discovered a mutual adoration for the water. For Searay, Lake Charlevoix supported his weak joints, strengthening his back muscles without pain. Ed and Jenn found equal relaxation cruising the same waters on their Sea Ray boat (the Labrador’s namesake). “If miracles exist, I had discovered mine in the magical fresh clear blue waters of Lake Charlevoix,” Searay says, although we might have discovered ours in a talking dog.

Searay’s back and hind legs experienced a full recovery and his tail now wags “joyfully,” as he describes. With the help of his owners, the talented black Lab is in the process of composing a children’s book titled Searay of Charlevoix.

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