Amp Up Your Setup

Choosing the right wakeboard just got more fun, thanks to these tips and an exclusive deal from Hyperlite.

Looking to dive into wakeboarding this season, or eager to step up your game? Greg Nelson, wakeboarding guru for Hyperlite, shares some tips for finding the perfect setup before hitting the water.

First-timers: All of today’s boards are good, so concern yourself with bindings. Make sure they are easy to get into and comfortable when standing. Remove your socks and put your feet in a few to feel what fits best. Many of today’s boots allow for a range of different shoe sizes, so you can share the board with family members. If this is your plan, get the larger board. Smaller riders can manage a larger board, but larger riders have difficulty even getting up on a smaller board. 

Seasoned Vets: You already know your ride style and you have experience on a couple of setups. Now is the perfect time to dial in that dream ride. Stay away from boards with tons of channels, ridges and bumps. Subtle and clean features ride better and don’t require you to adjust your skills to match. For boots and bindings, try on as many as you can. Just wear flip-flops to the showroom … even if it’s not quite warm yet!

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