Master the Launch Ramp

Novice? No sweat. Just follow these easy tips from the pros at GMC.

Football season is in full swing, and there’s no better place to catch the game than from your Sea Ray. Whether you’re lucky enough to live near a stadium on the water (we’re looking at you, Vols), or gathered in your salon or cabin enjoying the live feed, adding a little water into your weekend viewing routine just makes it that much sweeter.

But if your Sea Ray isn’t kept on the water, first you’ve got to trailer it to the boat ramp and launch it. Many new boat owners get a little anxious when it comes time to put the tow vehicle in reverse and back the trailer down a ramp or into a driveway. No need to be intimidated; just take it slow and all will be fine. The following tips, courtesy of the experts at GMC, will have you towing like a pro:

• Start with the trailer positioned directly behind the tow vehicle. This is easily accomplished by pulling the tow vehicle straight ahead; the trailer will follow suit. When the trailer is directly behind your tow vehicle, stop. Next, put the vehicle in neutral with your foot on the brake. Slide your hands to the 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock positions on the steering wheel. Slip the transmission into reverse, and slowly ease off the brake. Don’t touch the gas. Watch the side mirrors.

• As the tow vehicle begins backing up, use your hands to keep the trailer wheels exactly where you want. If you want the trailer to go left (toward the driver’s side), slowly pull your left hand left. If you want the trailer to move to the right (the passenger’s side), pull your right hand to the right and it will move in that direction.

• The key is to go slowly. Make slow, smooth corrections with the steering wheel until you get the hang of it. If the trailer is getting out of line, don’t panic. Stop. Then pull the tow vehicle slowly ahead until the trailer is aligned, and start backing up again.

With a little practice, you’ll soon be backing the trailer like an old pro!

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