Canvas Care and More

Great Lakes Boat Top offers tips to prepare your boat to come out of hibernation and into the sun.

Now that snowstorms and bone-chilling temps are finally (or very soon-to-be!) in the rearview mirror, you’re no doubt ready to hit the water at full speed. As you gear up for a highly anticipated summer of fun and relaxation on the water, the experts at Great Lakes Boat Top offer the following simple tips to help you properly dust off and prepare your canvas—whether it’s spent a long winter in storage or just a lonely week without you down at the marina:

• Clean and treat your canvas with recommended protectant. For Sunbrella canvas, as featured on new Sea Ray models, 303 Protectant Fabric Guard is a great choice.
• Apply an antimicrobial spray such as MonoFoil Marine to your entire boat; this will help prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from attaching to treated surfaces for up to three months.
• If your Sea Ray has isinglass curtains, do not install them unless it is 65 degrees or warmer outside.
• Clean and lubricate any zippers on your boat using a product recommended for zippers, then work the zipper back and forth to work the product in. (Avoid petroleum-based products such as petroleum jelly.)
• To rid isinglass of fog, let it hang in the sun. Fogginess is caused when isinglass is stored while still wet.

Inspect for the following and repair as needed:

• Missing or loose snaps
• Varmint holes
• Bug nests

If you discover that winter hasn’t been kind to your canvas, it’s easy to order your replacement canvas from Great Lakes Boat Top, the leader in marine replacement canvas. For more information, visit

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