Canvas Storage Tips

Great Lakes Boat Top offers tips to protect your Sea Ray's canvas this winter and keep it in tip-top shape.

As you prepare to store your Sea Ray for the winter, consider the following helpful advice from Great Lakes Boat Top. The company has been in the business of boat canvas for more than 60 years, so you can trust their expert advice when it comes to caring for yours.

• First, remove your canvas from your Sea Ray and, working in a clean, wide-open area, give it a thorough inspection.

• Replace any broken snaps and check for loose threads. Now is an ideal time to make any necessary repairs, so that come spring, you’re ready to go.

• Always ensure your canvas is clean and completely dry before storing it in a boot or removing it for storage.

• Mildew growth can be a pest when your Sea Ray is out of sight and out of mind. Do your best to prevent mildew by cleaning and drying your Sea Ray thoroughly before it sees storage. You can also minimize your chances of dealing with mildew come spring by applying a protective treatment such as MonoFoil® Marine spray.

• Being proactive about your canvas isn’t just about mildew. Great Lakes Boat Top’s experts also recommend spraying 303® Aerospace Protectant™ Fabric Guard on your canvas to prolong its life.

• If your Sea Ray is equipped with Isinglass curtains, remove and store them on a flat, dry surface. Underneath a bed is a prime spot for safekeeping, but be careful never to fold or crease clear vinyl glass. Just lay flat and tuck away. However, if you do need to roll your glass for storage, just use an old sheet or towel in between to help prevent the zippers from marking up the Isinglass.

With superior quality canvases, affordable treatments and proactive tips, Great Lakes Boat Top makes it easy for you to care for your canvas. Great Lakes Boat Top makes custom canvas solutions for Sea Ray and replacement canvas for late model Sea Rays dating back decades. To purchase MonoFoil Marine spray or for more information, visit Great Lakes Boat Top online or call (877) 867-7861.

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