Captain Your Capital

Broadmark offers investment opportunities to help your assets soar.

You captain your Sea Ray with confidence, surveying your watery kingdom with the security of an unfailingly sound vessel beneath your feet. Similarly, you invest your money with an eye toward seizing great opportunities while mitigating risk. Perhaps there’s even a startup company on your radar, a fledgling business with a kernel of genius that needs a little boost to get off the ground.

“Angel investing” has come to mean investing in companies at the very earliest stages of development. This strategy is obviously more risky to the investor—countless startups never fully take flight—and often puts the individual outside of the space where professional investors operate.

But it just so happens, there’s a better option. Broadmark Capital has flourished for over 25 years by finding creative, risk-mitigated, later-stage investment opportunities with smaller capital requirements. In these opportunities, an angel investor is able to pursue private company investments with a risk-mitigated approach similar to professional investors and at a scale that’s more comfortable.

You’re happy to explore uncharted waters on your Sea Ray now and then, provided you’ve taken the right precautions. Why not take the same approach with your financial path? Find out how Broadmark Capital can lead you to a pair of angel investor wings to match your captain’s hat. Visit to learn more.

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