Catch Air

Whether you favor wakeboarding action or laugh-packed tubing, Hyperlite and HO Sports have the perfect gear.

The dog days of summer are prime time to teach an old (or young!) dog new tricks. And having the right gear can make all the difference between soaring to the heights of fun, or failing to launch. That’s why Sea Ray has teamed up with Hyperlite and HO Sports for an array of watersports endeavors, including this year’s #SeaRaySummer giveaway of hundreds of awesome Sea Ray tubes and wakeboards. Hyperlite and HO’s expert designers incorporate the latest technology and the insights of pro athletes to develop wakeboards, skis, tubes and gear that maximize capability, comfort—and fun. Below are a few tips to get you started (or, for advanced riders, to get you flying)…

Single Ski Strut – Getting up on one foot never fails to impress, and it’s easier than it looks. The secret is using your back foot as a rudder to help with balance. From the water, bring your front knee tightly to your chest. Using a long vee handle like the HO Sports 15″ Elite Deep V, extend your arms (elbows slightly bent) and point the tip of your ski toward your Sea Ray at a 45-degree angle. As the captain hits the throttle, keep your shoulders back and let the boat do the work. Letting the top of your foot on your back leg skim the water for balance, press forward on your front foot and slowly stand by bringing your hips toward the handle. Go easy… And you’re up!

Three Times the Fun – Why fight for tube time when you could thrill three riders at once? HO Sports’ Delta 3 Towable, available exclusively at Costco, features HO’s innovative Delta Wing Design provides a comfy, cockpit-style feel while reducing drag and increasing efficiency. Plus, an innovative rear boarding platform makes for easy boarding. Pro tip for riders: Hang on tight and get ready to unleash your biggest grin.

Flight Path – For advanced wakeboarders, the Air Raley is an instant crowd pleaser, and a board like the Hyperlite Shaun Murray Pro Model is just right for the task. As the rider, you’ll start on the outside of the wake, to the toe side of the boat. Moving at a good clip, begin an aggressive approach, riding at the wake while keeping your heel edge down. Let the water kick your core and legs into the air, sending your body up into a Superman-like position. Once mastered, it’s the next best thing to flying.

Checkout the full lineup of HO Sports and Hyperlite products, and kick your summer into higher gear.

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