Champagne Wishes

Whether toasting a new yacht or a new year, Champagnes from Canard-Duchêne are a spirited sip

Nothing says celebration quite like a glass of bubbly, and in the celebratory atmosphere of this year’s Yacht Expo, guests toasted with some of the finest bubbles in the world, courtesy of Champagne Canard-Duchêne.

Yacht Expo 2014 unfolded at the South Seas Island Resort, a relaxing enclave on Florida’s beautiful Captiva Island. A series of informative seminars, including the long-beloved Women on Water class, gave guests a chance to deepen their knowledge on a range of topics. One of the most popular seminars was the Champagne & Wine Tasting class conducted by Jade Apisuk, regional manager for Groupe Thiénot, the parent company of Canard-Duchêne. Jade took attendees on a tasting tour of the Champagne, Bordeaux and Argentinean wine regions through a series of incredible wines matched with charcuterie pairings.

Each night of Yacht Expo was capped off by a lively party overlooking the marina. Bobbing gently in their slips were exquisite models including the new L590 Fly, L650 and L650 Fly from the L-Class, the award-winning 370 Venture, the stylish new 470 Sundancer and many others. Their gleaming hulls shone under a full moon and a spectacular fireworks display, whose shades of gold, red, green and purple lit up the smiling crowd’s faces. (Check out the full gallery here.)

And on the final morning of the event, guests awoke to a beautiful Floridian sunrise and checked out at their leisure. Each customer who purchased a yacht during the weekend was treated to a bottle of Canard-Duchêne Charles VII Champagne as a special “thank you” from Sea Ray and its partners.

To learn more about the products of Canard-Duchêne and find the variety perfect for your next New Year’s Eve bash, visit Canard-Duchê

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