Choose Your Hue

Interlux offers bright color options for its Micron CF yacht paint—so your Sea Ray will shine year-round.

Your Sea Ray comes off the line in full, glistening glory. When spring rolls around, routine commissioning procedure calls for the right antifouling paint to help keep your hull gleaming brightly.

When Interlux introduced Micron CF, they knew their customers would expect best-in-class performance in the copper-free paint category, with all the performance and longevity of traditional copper-based antifoulings. What was not expected by Interlux was the customer’s reaction to the bright, vibrant colors.

The Shell White was an immediate hit, with the red, green and blue following closely behind. The black is crisp, and with no hint of the brown cast that many copper paints have. The Micron CF colors not only look great when first applied, but they hold their color throughout the season.

Like all the other paints in the Interlux Micron Technology range, Micron CF provides multi-seasonal performance, reduced maintenance and the ability to haul and re-launch without the need to repaint. Its self-smoothing characteristics also help maximize fuel economy.

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