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Timothy Oulton describes his experience partnering with Sea Ray for the 2015 L-Class Coastal Tour's final stops.

British interiors company Timothy Oulton is known for balancing a respect for tradition with a healthy streak of red-blooded innovation. We decided to get to know them a little better on our recent L-Class tour, where two of our venues were transformed with a splash of daring design from their authentically handcrafted furniture collections. Find out more in this extract from Timothy Oulton’s journal…

New York, June:

Sea Ray makes some of the world’s most sought-after pleasure boats, so when they told us they were touring through New York and the Hamptons to present the newest L-Class yacht, the L590, we thought we’d join them with some Timothy Oulton coastal style.

Sea Ray has been a leader in the luxury boat market for decades, sharing Timothy Oulton’s passion for innovation and meticulous craftsmanship. Their new Sea Ray L-Class yacht is one of those perfect marriages of style and substance, mixing state-of-the-art design with tried-and-tested engineering and superior customizability. No wonder the L-Class has been whipping up some excitement across the pond with Sea Ray’s 2015 L-Class Coastal Tour.

Now, we’re not ones to shy away from travel and adventure—especially when it involves fast cars, planes or boats—so we were delighted to partner with Sea Ray on the last two stops of their East Coast tour, Manhattan and the Hamptons. And it seems we were in good company, with fellow discerning partners Aston Martin, Louis XII by Remy Martin and Thiénot Bordeaux & Champagne.

Our first venue was the brand-spanking-new Current, overlooking the Hudson River at Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers. About 100 New Yorkers arrived out of the June rain and into the comfort of Timothy Oulton’s casual yet sophisticated Coastal Drift collection. Stylishly-attired gents and ladies in chic cocktail dresses lounged on the seriously comfortable Dex sofa, looking straight out to a view of the water and the gleaming L590 moored outside.

As the crowd sipped their nautical-themed cocktails, they wandered through the lounge amongst the Timothy Oulton collections. Xylem and Spur acrylic blocks, handmade from driftwood collected from beaches all around the world, were topped with Iris lamps. The Junk Art Propeller coffee table looked ready to roar into action while the Castaway bookcase and media console provided the calming lines of slatted beach wood against rugged brushed aluminium. There was a carefree coastal spirit that perfectly suited that freedom of sailing the open seas. And if the rain got too heavy outside, at least there were always the vintage paddles.

The Hamptons… Still raining:

The inclement weather seemed to follow us on to the next tour stop in the Hamptons, at the Breakwater Yacht Club in Sag Harbor. But what’s a little summer rain when you’re having fun and checking out a cool new yacht or test-driving Aston Martin’s latest model? With most people on their weekend getaway from the city, the holiday vibe was in the air and guests relaxed, sprawled out and put their feet up on our super comfy Dex sofa with a glass of Champagne.

The seafaring theme continued with the grand prize draw, with one lucky guest winning an Iris table lamp inspired by Jules Verne’s Nautilus submarine. Perhaps Verne put his finger on the lure of ocean travel when he said: “The sea is everything…its breath is pure and healthy. It is an immense desert, where man is never lonely, for he feels life stirring on all sides.”

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