Colorado Panorama

The Rocky Mountain state’s reservoirs offer spectacular boating and a mountainous feast for the eyes.

“When I found Lake Dillon, my world changed. I knew that I had found my soul.” Retired for 18 years, longtime Sea Ray owner Sammy Toys has discovered the good life in Dillon, Colorado. The avid angler can be found most days of the week fishing for rainbow trout from his Sea Ray 210 Bowrider. According to Sammy, the water in question, 3,233-acre Dillon Reservoir, is beyond spectacular.

“When I’m on the lake, it looks like heaven,” he describes. “I’m not religious, but being completely surrounded by dramatic peaks is very spiritual. To see the early morning, orange-sunrise skies reflecting on the lake is unbelievable. To watch an osprey swoop down and catch a fish just fills me with that ‘in my soul’ thing.”

Colorado is dotted with reservoirs that are fantastic for boating. Dillon, just 65 miles from Denver, is unquestionably one of them. The destination welcomes over 55,000 guests each summer and gets rave reviews as not only one of the best trailer-boating spots in the state, but also a top U.S. sailing venue. Access to the lake offers a stellar menu of options, including one of the few ways to enjoy 360-degree views of the Gore, Williams Fork and Tenmile mountain ranges.

Fishermen like Sammy also relish the healthy population of Kokanee salmon, rainbow and brown trout, and the highly prized Arctic char.

Boater Becky Sproul is relatively new to Colorado, but has already formed an appreciation for the magic of Dillon. She and her husband stay on their 330 Sundancer at every opportunity, and enjoy spending weekends at the lake with their teenage daughters. “We have all the comforts of home on the Sea Ray,” Becky says, “and with the cooler evenings and the soft white noise of the water, I sleep better on my boat than I do at home.”

Knowing they’ll wake up to a 360-degree mountain panorama certainly contributes to those sweet dreams.

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