Conquer Standing Water

Love watersports with your Sea Ray, but tired of water pooling up on your boat’s mooring cover? Great Lakes Boat Top is proud to offer Hangtyte.

If your Sea Ray is equipped with a watersports tower, Hangtyte can help you keep it in pristine condition. Hangtyte is an innovative device that attaches to your boat’s mooring cover. Its ratcheting strap goes around the tow pylon of your wakeboard tower and cinches tight to eliminate slack in the cover where rainwater can accumulate.

Hangtyte inventor and wakeboarding coach Cobe Mikacich developed the system after years of frustration with water pooling on his boat’s mooring cover. “In Florida, we get torrential rains every afternoon in the spring,” Mikacich said. “Invariably, so much water can accumulate that a mooring cover pole will either shift or collapse and then you’re stuck trying to bail the water out or getting soaked crawling under the cover to stand the pole up. Securing a line from the cover to the tower was a simple and effective solution.”

Great Lakes Boat Top offers an introduction video demonstrating how easy Hangtyte is to install.

Hangtyte is available through Great Lakes Boat Top for less than $50. Great Lakes Boat Top makes custom canvas solutions for Sea Ray and replacement canvas for late model Sea Rays dating back decades. To purchase Hangtyte or for more information, contact Great Lakes Boat Top at 877-867-7861 or visit

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