Deck Dining

The Starboard Collection enhances the on-water eating experience with nautically designed dishware.

Two years ago, Aimee Marti came to understand two contradicting truths: everything tastes better on the boat, but eating onboard can be pretty cumbersome without the right gear. On one of her many cruises with her husband and two kids, an advertised-as-unbreakable plastic dish broke.

“At that point, I figured maybe it was time to get some real dishware for the boat,” Aimee says. So she went looking for proper nautical dishes, but her search came up short.

Aimee identified three main challenges that a dish designed for boating must consider: efficient use of space, high durability and appealing aesthetics. When she couldn’t find dishes that adequately addressed all three concerns, she decided to design her own. Thus the Starboard Collection was born. The collection uses sustainable polypropylene plastic and nautical-inspired design to enhance the dining-while-boating experience.

“I wanted to create a product that I could have on our boat and use by our pool,” Aimee explains. “I wanted it to be versatile.”

The Starboard Collection’s plates, bowls and serving trays help create an effortlessly enjoyable meal or snack time. Specifically engineered for use on a boat, they combine the best attributes of form and function.

“Almost anything tastes good on a boat,” Aimee says. “For me the key is that when you’re out on the water, you are getting away and enjoying the moment and being very present with the people around you. The Starboard Collection allows you to live that whole lifestyle.”

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