Easy, Breezy Teak

A Lake Ontario Sedan Bridge gets new shimmer without sacrificing an ounce of summer time on the water.

For Sea Ray owner Paul Durso of Rochester, New York, Teak Carpet was the only way to go. “I love the look of the teak but I didn’t want the expense of real teak, nor did I want the maintenance of the real teak.” So after glimpsing the polished look of Teak Carpet on another boat a few years before, Paul decided to install the Teak Carpet on his own 2004 48’ Sedan Bridge.

“I did everything myself,” Paul says of the installation. “This past winter, when I brought my boat to storage, I took all of the carpets out and brought them to my basement.” Paul laid out and traced templates from the old carpet, and Teak Carpet helped him estimate the amount of replacement material he needed. Paul’s templates worked as a blueprint for replacement. As he cut, he was sure to leave an extra inch on all sides for shrinkage. Paul found professional help in binding the cut-out material, and the following installation was, Paul says, a breeze. “It’s really an easy project to do, if you’re at all handy.”

And if you’d prefer to have your new boat carpeting installed for you, Teak Carpet offers professional, affordable installation services.

A frequenter of nearby Lake Ontario, Paul didn’t miss any time on the water due to the installation. Come summer, his Sedan Bridge shone with revamped flooring that refreshed his model with a classic look and pleased the regular crew: his wife, two children, friends and extended family.

“It worked out really well,” Paul says, having achieved the look he dreamt of for years with an affordable and easy solution. Plus, Teak Carpet checked the box for one last requirement for the Durso clan. “We spend a lot of time out on the water,” Paul says. Teak Carpet made for such a quick and easy installation, the Dursos were back out on Lake Ontario as soon as summer came around.

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