Abacos Beach Resort

Explore the Out Islands

The Bahamas are a destination you'll never forget, especially if reached by Sea Ray.

Composed of more than 700 virtually untouched, scarcely populated islands and cays, the Out Islands of the Bahamas are rich in natural wonders. You won’t find cruise ships, high-rise hotels or blinking neon lights; instead, deserted beaches and quiet sanctuaries for wildlife offer miles of tropical beauty to enjoy, all surrounded by the Caribbean’s sparkling shades of blue.

There’s a reason the Out Islands were named the top honeymoon spot in the world by Expedia.com: They are about as romantic a setting as you can find on earth. But you don’t have to be newly hitched to enjoy them. Visitors of all ages will find plenty of ways to fill their time, from snorkeling and diving, to fishing and bird-watching, to kayaking and sailing.

Of course, the most convenient amenities lie on the 14 inhabited Out Islands, which include the Abacos, Bimini, Cat Island, Harbour Island, the Exumas and San Salvador, among others. Each boasts its own unique flavor, but all share a laid-back, welcoming vibe. Savor seafood-based cuisine and engage in friendly conversation with the locals against a backdrop of ocean sounds and spectacular sunsets.

The Out Islands’ many resorts are waiting to welcome you, by sea or by air. If you do make the trip by Sea Ray, be sure to take advantage of a special offer from the Bahamas: Sea Ray owners receive a $300 instant fuel credit for a four-night consecutive hotel stay at participating resorts and marinas. Visit myoutislands.com to take advantage of the savings and start planning your tropical escape.

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