Raymarine navigation technology keeps you and your trusty Sea Ray on the right path

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of being out on the water, surveying the horizon from behind the helm of a Sea Ray. Miles of sprawling blue terrain unfold as if by command, and even the wind seems to fall into line. “Captain of your own ship” is a common trope used to signify confidence, and for good reason—captains, real or figurative, personify assured action.

Of course, confidence depends on having the right tools at one’s disposal. On a Sea Ray, those “right tools” include the latest technology from Raymarine®, industry leaders in all things navigation. Take, for example, Raymarine’s Lighthouse II user interface. This state-of-the-art software package features enhanced charts for U.S. waters, pinch-to-zoom capabilities, GPX waypoint transfer and much more. Its bold, high-contrast colors and intuitive layout provide clear readability and ease of use.

Harness the full power of Lighthouse II with a Raymarine multifunction display, and mastery is inevitable. Displays like Raymarine’s award-winning e7 screen and large-size e165 allow simple touchscreen control, great visibility even in bright sunlight, and lightning-fast processing times.

Whichever Raymarine equipment you employ on your Sea Ray, you can take comfort in knowing your tools won’t let you down, so your confidence is fully supported. Check out for videos, contests and special offers, and keep on captaining on.

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