Raise a Glass

Celebrate milestones large and small with a glass of Champagne Thiénot.

Champagne is undeniably a festive beverage. From the delightfully tingly mouthfeel, to the pretty shades of blush and beige, to the distinct-yet-delicate flavors, every sip is a party in and of itself. So why restrict such enjoyment to New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day when the reasons to celebrate in this life are nearly endless? Whether christening a new Sea Ray, considering a new model seen at a boat show, or returning home from a memorable cruise, consider popping a cork on something that says “live it up!”

The house of Thiénot is dedicated to fostering the values of quality, modernity and luxury that have been fundamental to the success of the Champagne appellation—in other words, the characteristics that make it not only worth drinking but also reveling in. As a result, Champagne Thiénot has earned worldwide acclaim for its approach.

And with a range of offerings, there’s something for just about every taste. Highlights include:

Thiénot Brut: This blend of the three classic Champagne grape varieties forms the signature Thiénot style of finesse, fruit and freshness, offering springtime notes, magnificent balance and a lingering finish.

Thiénot Rosé: An elegant and delicious wine with a distinctive, delicate aromatic style, it showcases Thiénot’s exacting standards in crafting Champagne driven by red fruits, freshness and great finesse.

Cuvée Garance 2007: “Garance” is the name of a plant from the rubiaceae family, whose roots were used in the past to produce a red dye, which is a bright, clear shade of red. The wine is a unique blend of the finest Pinot Noir from Montagne de Reims, with significant character and finesse.

La Vigne aux Gamins 2004: The ultimate expression of the signature Thiénot style, the aging of this single varietal vintage cuvée retains the specific character of the terroir, the year and natural Chardonnay aromas. La Vigne aux Gamins is a highly original Champagne, full of flavor.

There’s a reason the house’s Champagne Thiénot Brut has been featured at many Sea Ray events over the past few years. With each taste, the Brut evolves on the palate toward a long, swirling finish, exuding orchid notes in harmonious succession. Its bright, floral bouquet makes it a perfect choice for evenings spent reminiscing with friends about the year’s best voyages and dreaming of outings ahead.

From a boater’s standpoint, that certainly sounds like cause for celebration.

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