Fewer Trips to the Fuel Dock

Reduce trips to the pump and keep more money in your pocket with ValvTect Marine products.

Running your Sea Ray on traditional automotive gasoline can eventually cause carbon deposits (also known as “gunk”) to build up and increase fuel consumption. Your boat’s engine shouldn’t have to labor under that burden! Luckily, there’s an easy solution: Unlike conventional automotive gasoline, ValvTect Marine Fuels are engineered to improve engine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption — and save you money at the pump.

ValvTect Marine Fuels include the most advanced fuel additives to clean up performance-sapping deposits, ensuring that your marine engine is running at maximum power and fuel economy. For instance, ValvTect Marine Gasoline goes beyond top-tier performance levels recommended by many engine manufacturers, delivering up to 400 percent more detergent than automotive brand gasolines. More detergent means more cleaning power. Surprisingly, diesel fuel typically does not contain any detergent. By contrast, ValvTect Marine Diesel exceeds all refinery produced diesel fuel in engine-cleaning prowess while also containing a biocide water dispersant and extra lubricity improver needed for your marine diesel engine.

Whether your boat runs on gasoline or diesel fuel, thanks to filling up with ValvTect Marine Fuels, you’ll make fewer stops at the fuel dock and keep more money in your pocket. Visit valvtect.com to locate a ValvTect Marina near you.

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