For that Special Boat on Your List…

Show your Sea Ray a little love this off-season with new Teak Carpet® products.

This time of year, everyone’s making a list, checking it twice, yadda yadda… But did you ever stop and think maybe your Sea Ray deserves a gift too? For many of us, our boats are locked away in a storage facility all winter long, yearning for a little bit of love.

Why not treat your Sea Ray to an upgrade during the off-season? The experts at Teak Carpet® may not be a team of elves, but they do know precisely what a boat pines for: Soft, durable faux-teak carpeting. Teak Carpet is an innovation in marine carpeting that lets you enhance your Sea Ray’s floor in a snap. It looks just like expensive teak decking, but doesn’t require continuous cleaning or scrubbing to maintain a luxurious finish.

Made in Australia and now available stateside, Teak Carpet comes with smart Marine Backing, which does away with the traditional rubber layer used on many other brands’ marine carpets. Teak Carpet’s design allows water to drain through for faster drying times. Plus, it’s now available in a wider range of colors than ever:


The beauty of a teak floor with all the comfort and convenience of fresh carpeting? That’s something we guarantee you won’t find at the North Pole.

Visit Teak Carpet online to learn more. And act soon: From now until December 15, Teak Carpet is offering a 10% discount off the price of a new color carpet, including cutting and binding using your old Sea Ray carpet or template.

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