In Good Company

Enjoy hosting on your Sea Ray while preventing uninvited organisms from attaching to the bottom of your boat.

Boating should be enjoyed with company. Whether it’s friends or family, we all want to share the unforgettable moments captured on the water. But shouldn’t we have the ability to choose the company we keep?

Those pesky organisms that sometimes form on the bottom of our boats are not invited on Sea Ray excursions. Now – thanks to a new antifouling paint – we not only can prevent them from hitching a ride, but also can do so without the use of copper or overuse of solvents.

Interlux has introduced a copper-free addition to its Micron antifouling line. Micron CF delivers best-in-class performance in the copper-free category. It also offers the longevity that boat owners have come to expect from traditional copper-based antifouling paints.

Enjoy multi-seasonal performance and the ability to haul out and relaunch without the need to repaint. Micron CF’s lower-solvent formula meets United States VOC regulations and is suitable for all types of boats and all types of waters. That means we can host only the company we actually want.

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