Invest Wisely

Broadmark Capital offers a low-risk way for Sea Ray owners to invest in real estate lending.

You make smart choices when it comes to your recreation. After all, a Sea Ray is the most reliable, enjoyment-enabling craft on the water. When it comes to your money, you’re equally savvy. Investment, like the high seas, is not without potential risks. And while the opportunities to play the real estate market are myriad and tempting, they’re certainly not all the sure bet that your Sea Ray is.

That’s why Broadmark Capital, a trusted provider of investment, financing and management services, is dedicated to mitigating those risks. Its Pyatt Broadmark Real Estate Lending Fund I (PBRELF I) is an unleveraged, no-load, evergreen fund that writes short-term, first-position loans secured by real estate in the Pacific Northwest (where the company is based). What that means to you as an investor is a high-yield debt instrument that minimizes the risk of principal loss while maintaining near-term liquidity.

Impressively, PBRELF I has maintained consistent monthly returns in excess of 11 percent annualized since inception. And while past performance is not a guarantee of future results, it speaks volumes about Broadmark’s committed focus on steady and cautious growth that leads to successful outcomes. In other words, helping you chart a rewarding financial course.

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