Layer Wisely

When temperatures drop, reach for a cozy Sea Ray pullover to fend off the chill.

Winter weather can make it tough to get dressed in the morning. The mercury can swing from balmy to frigid in a matter of hours … the all-too-festively-named “wintry mix” comes bearing snow or sleet or hail or all three … and even the sun conspires to disappear earlier and earlier each afternoon. Meanwhile office buildings crank the heat to sweat-inducing levels, and who can predict the temperature setting in any given coffee shop?

The secret, of course, is layering. Boaters know this well: You set out on your Sea Ray in the early morning when the air is still brisk, and then little by little peel off sweatshirts and jackets to reveal tees and swimsuits by noon.

To dress the part for winter as wisely as you do for cruising, turn to a familiar resource: the Sea Ray Collection. There, you’ll find offerings like the Ladies Yerba Knit Pullover, a classic piece with a modern look that’s perfect for staying warm, indoors or out. Heather-textured Polyester knit ensures warmth and breathability without extra bulk. A quarter zipper keeps lines clean, while a moisture-wicking finish makes it a great piece for active lifestyles.

Give the Sea Ray gal on your list a better way to combat the chill this winter. Visit the Sea Ray Collection website for this and countless other Sea Ray wearables and accessories. You may find your holiday shopping quickly accomplished.

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