Montecristo in Miami

For many guests, the Montecristo Social Club lounge was a highlight of the Yachts Miami Beach Show.

Picture the scene: You’re walking along Collins Avenue, taking in the warm sunshine, the colorful South Beach architecture and the stream of boating enthusiasts who have traveled from near and far to witness the boating industry’s capstone event. Something catches your eye: It’s the Sea Ray display, headlined by the spectacular L-Class yachts and several brand-new Sundancers.

You make a sharp turn toward the water and a beeline for the L590, eager to check out its livable master suite, state-of-the-art helm station and inviting salon. But before you reach the yacht, something else catches your eye: a table loaded with offerings from Montecristo, a world leader in handcrafted cigars. You stop and sample… and before the afternoon is done, you’ve signed up for the Montecristo Social Club as a way to connect with fellow cigar lovers and indulge your passion while online.

If you attended this year’s Yachts Miami Beach boat show, this scene already rings familiar. Sea Ray was pleased to welcome Montecristo into its display, recognizing the natural overlap between those with a taste for the finest yachts and those who enjoy the finest cigars. And the team at Montecristo couldn’t agree more—the esteemed brands are a perfect match. “With its rich history and reputation, Montecristo is one of the most luxurious cigar brands in the world and the standard by which all other cigars are judged,” said Yasemin Ozoncul, U.S. marketing manager for the Montecristo family of cigars. “It is such an honor to partner with Sea Ray, who shares not only the same brand attributes but also the similar luxurious lifestyle.”

The Miami lounge featured cigars from across Montecristo’s illustrious portfolio, including the Montecristo Classic, with flavors of almonds, butter toffee and vanilla; and the Romeo y Julieta® Reserva Real, a smoke with a clean and delicate finish that makes it ideal for balmy evenings.

“We are happy to be able to share our passion, experience and knowledge with Sea Ray consumers,” Yasemin said. And it was a spirit of sharing that guests of Yachts Miami Beach were happy to oblige.

Visit Montecristo online to join the Social Club and stay informed of future events like these.

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