Myth Becomes Legend

Hyperlite's B-Side wakeboard is the new standard in watersports

The hunt is the oldest challenge known to mankind. Sports recreate it, students read about it in history books… and wakeboarders truly live it. Whatever the reward, be it food or a championship—or that oh-so-satisfying adrenaline from popping off a wake—the pursuit is hard work. That is, until now. Enter the brand-new B-Side from Hyperlite, a wakeboard that delivers the feel of a surfboard, ease-of-use beginners will appreciate, and just the right amount of edge to reach new heights.

Hyperlite’s technical precision during the build process makes the B-Side an effective, dynamic board. An elevated footbed ensures both stability and smooth release off the wake, maintaining a solid rocker line. A thinned out tip and tail create minimum swing weight, as well as increased control on rails. Plus, shallower, molded-in fins end nearly an inch from the tip of the board allowing you to release off the wake sooner into your maneuver. Each attribute meets to form an experience that puts more stoke in your ride and provides the most pop for your effort. B-Side makes it easy to chase those thrills—and catch them, too.

Hardcore watersports athletes know that hitting the water frequently can take a toll on your equipment. Fortunately, there isn’t a weak side to the B-Side. Hyperlite’s classic Monocoque Construction integrates top glass and bottom glass into one heavy-duty board that keeps its smooth shape even under side impact. B-Side’s ABS Polymer fins are made of strong stuff, too, resisting wear and tear no matter how often you take to the rails or waves. All in all, B-Side’s progressive design forms an untouchable board. The hunt just got more fun, and the reward even sweeter.

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