Oh Captain, My Captain

The cutting-edge Raymarine Evolution Autopilot system can make captaining your Sea Ray even more enjoyable.

You take pride captaining a Sea Ray because there’s nothing quite like feeling the gentle hum of the engines as you steer a beautiful boat toward a beautiful horizon. But even for the most experienced boaters during the thrill of a cruise, holding a steady and precise course can be a challenge.

The Raymarine Evolution Autopilot system is a captain’s most valuable shipmate for maintaining sharp and precise lines all the way to the destination. Tested for thousands of on-water hours, this cutting-edge system incorporates the latest aerospace guidance technology to navigate anywhere you want to go.

At the center of the Raymarine Evolution Autopilot system is the 9-axis EV sensor core, which measures movement in all three dimensions. Mounted in a rugged exterior that meets IPX6 and IPX7 waterproofing and submersion standards, the sensor communicates such precise routes to the Autopilot system that the boat ultimately becomes more fuel-efficient.

The Evolution Autopilot system, which is easy to install and doesn’t require a lengthy calibration procedure, also comes with customizable modes for fast and precise course-keeping or leisurely cruising. Just like its human counterparts, the Evolution adapts to the water, turning the joy of commanding the waters at the helm of a Sea Ray into absolute bliss.

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