Stay Connected

KVH’s TracPhone V3 keeps you connected no matter where you cruise on the ocean blue.

In the connected world we live in today, we all like to stay in tune with what’s going around us—even while out on relaxing Sea Ray cruises. Thanks to KVH’s state-of-the-art marine satellite communications technology, you are always connected, no matter where you cruise.

KVH’s TracPhone V3-IP delivers blazing VSAT speeds with an antenna less than half the size of the nearest competing product. Using exclusive ArcLight® spread spectrum technology, this breakthrough small design delivers in data speed and coverage, allowing you to enjoy fast and reliable Internet service and crystal-clear calls aboard your boat. Stay in touch with friends and family, keep up with office communications or catch the big game from anywhere on the high seas.

With a history of commitment to quality and excellence, KVH employs stringent testing procedures to deliver reliable, award-winning products time and again, so you can be confident you’re always connected.

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