Optima Performance

Micron Optima paint features Micron Technology for superior performance in even the harshest conditions.

Barnacles, mussels and algae, oh my! There’s no shortage of clingy organisms lurking in the water, just waiting for their chance to take up residence on your Sea Ray. And once they’ve moved in, these invaders begin to create drag, which can affect performance and handling. Worse, they can seriously damage your hull.

But the solution to this problem is easier than clicking your heels three times. By choosing the right antifouling paint, you can fend off damage before it begins, explains Matthew Anzardo, product manager for the industry’s leading boat paint manufacturer, AkzoNobel/Interlux. The company offers a wide array of top-quality boat paint solutions, so there’s one perfect for your needs. (Watch for tips on selecting the right boat paint in an upcoming issue of LaunchPad.)

One to consider? Micron Optima, recommends Anzardo. This premium product contains Micron Technology in a water-based formulation, providing excellent multi-seasonal performance in the most challenging fouling conditions. Micron Optima uses Activated Biolux® Technology to block slime and algae. It’s low V.O.C. and low odor and, being water-based, clean-up is easy. It can be applied over other water-based products and other Microns and is suitable for all waters.

Micron Technology was first introduced to the industry in the early ’80s and has evolved into the class-leading antifouling paints. Benefits include:

• Longest lasting, multi-season ability to haul and relaunch without repainting
• Controlled polishing, much like a bar of soap, reduces paint build-up, eliminating the need for sanding
• Micron Technology polishes to a smoother surface than hard antifoulings, maximizing fuel savings
• Unlike old-fashioned high-copper bottom paints, Micron uses less copper more efficiently for longest lasting antifouling protection

Your Sea Ray is your home on the water, and because there’s no place like home, it deserves the best care. Visit yachtpaint.com to learn more.

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