Premium Paint

Boost shine and performance with best-in-class paint from Interlux

With summer officially drawing near, it’s the perfect time to treat your Sea Ray to a fresh coat of antifouling paint to preserve its gleaming beauty through Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day and well beyond. Whether your plans include hamburgers on the grill, cocktails in the cockpit, raft-ups in party cove, or fireworks over the marina, your next dockside gathering will shine even brighter against the brilliant backdrop of your freshly glossed hull. Rise to the occasion!

With its Micron CF line, Interlux offers an array of vibrant colors to spice up that hull: Crisp Shell White offers a classic look; red, blue and green provide vivid contrast against the water and sky; and beautiful black shines with no trace of the brownish cast that many copper paints suffer from.

Better yet, an application of Interlux paint protects your investment with best-in-class performance in the copper-free category, offering all the performance and longevity of traditional copper-based antifoulings with added aesthetic appeal. The Micron CF colors not only look great when first applied, but they also hold their color throughout the season.

Like all the other paints in the Interlux Micron Technology range, Micron CF provides multi-seasonal performance, reduced maintenance, and the ability to haul and re-launch without the need to repaint. Its self-smoothing characteristics also help maximize fuel economy.

Visit to peruse the complete lineup of Interlux products and find the paint that’s perfect for your Sea Ray.

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