Sea in the Dark

With Raymarine's thermal imaging technology, nighttime is always the right time.

There’s something almost otherworldly about being out on your Sea Ray after the sun has gone down. The pin-dot lights of far-off boats, the moon casting white ripples across the surface of the water, the buzzing city skyline or sleepy lake houses glowing against the black… Everything takes on a magical quality after nightfall. Now add to that experience the confidence that comes with enhanced navigational powers—literally, the power to see in the dark—and you’ve got an even greater night ahead of you.

Raymarine® T Series thermal night vision cameras are designed to give you that power. They create pictures by detecting and displaying small changes in heat, rather than light. Every object generates thermal energy, even ice. And although this energy is invisible to the naked eye, Raymarine thermal night vision cameras detect it and turn it into video that is easy to understand, allowing you to see more and see farther than you could with your eyes. Enjoy enhanced visibility and situational awareness while boating at night, easier docking in low light, improved navigation and increased boat security and surveillance.

Plus, with a convenient thermal camera application available right from your Raymarine Multifunction Display home screen, you can control the system with the touch of a finger. The application can be displayed full-screen, or in a window alongside other navigation data such as electronic charts or radar.

Boating at night has always been a unique experience. With Raymarine thermal night vision technology on your Sea Ray, it’s uniquely empowering as well. Visit for more information.

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