Seasonal Style

Well-made Sunbrella fabrics help you achieve the look you desire without compromising performance.

Whether your plans this season include dockside tailgates, casual cruises through fall’s foliage or cozy overnight stays, you no doubt want your Sea Ray to reflect your personal style. Creating an environment that matches your aesthetic has a way of enhancing the time spent there, making every space feel somehow warmer and more inviting. Stylish and functional Sunbrella® fabrics and accessories can help you achieve the look you desire without compromising on the performance you deserve.

“Because Sunbrella fabrics are comfortable, durable and beautiful, you can incorporate your favorite colors and patterns into your entire boat’s décor,” says Gina Wicker, design and creative director for Sunbrella fabrics. “Accessories, such as decorative pillows and throws, are a great place to play with current trends or experiment with new color combinations while adding an extra layer of comfort and warmth to your home away from home.”

To achieve a look on your boat that reflects your personal style, Wicker offers several tips and techniques.

Whether your style is conservative or trendy, upholstering your interior seating with a neutral fabric will create the illusion of space while serving as the perfect backdrop to colorful pillows, throws and rugs. For a more classic look, go with a traditional navy color palette that incorporates a distinctly nautical feel. This formula never goes out of style and is easily updated with a quick change of accessories.

For a bolder look, try experimenting with unexpected color or pattern combinations. Mix solids and stripes on upholstered poufs or add multiple Sunbrella throws in on-trend hues. It’s easy to create your home on the water when you surround yourself with the comfort and style of Sunbrella fabrics and accessories.

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