Spring into Entertainment

Turn your Sea Ray into a TV-watcher's paradise with KVH’s cutting-edge TracVision TV-series.

Whether you’re a casual channel-surfer or a committed binge-watcher, there’s a nearly endless supply of compelling content to satisfy your viewing preferences. Catch up on the news over breakfast, squeeze in a game during the afternoon, tuck into bed with a bowl of popcorn and the newest medical drama or guilty-pleasure reality show…it’s easy to consume television precisely when and how you want it. And now you can enjoy that freedom of entertainment on your Sea Ray: KVH’s TracVision® TV-series systems are champions in high-quality satellite HDTV, making your boat a perfect place to enjoy your favorite shows. Here’s a quick rundown of how TracVision excels:

The best viewing on the water – Access hundreds of HDTV and movie channels anywhere you cruise. With the Integrated Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM-8), supported by DIRECTV, watch up to 8 different programs at once. If it’s music you’re craving, KVH technology lets you experience hours of commercial free, crystal clear tunes from any device.

Advanced technology – The new TracVision TV-series has a full range of systems offering sizes, features, and options for every size boat. The TV-Hub, KVH’s new IP-enabled antenna control unit, allows system access from any Wi-Fi enabled device. High performance and a variety of size options combine to boost your cruising experience to the next level.

User-friendly command – The TV-Hub’s state-of-the-art web interface offers easy control from any smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to view the satellite signal strength, download and install software updates, and switch the antenna tracking to alternative satellites and TV services like DISH Network, DIRECTV Latin America, and Bell TV.

Spring into quality entertainment this season with KVH and Sea Ray, and enjoy better viewing all year long. Visit KVH for more details.

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