Stack The Deck

TT Custom Marine knows that luxury is in the details

The thrill of boating is as much about the feel as it is about the view. And on those sun-drenched days spent cruising along the shoreline, you touch the deck more than anywhere else on the boat. That’s why TT Custom Marine believes your underfoot experience is vital to enhancing the on-water experience.

TT Custom Marine’s PlasDECK synthetic teak decking offers maintenance-free comfort and durability.  The PVC based material is UV stabilized for long-lasting durability and treated to be anti-fungal for a cleaner more comfortable experience.

With 16 customizable flooring colors and styles to choose from, the PlasDECK pairs perfectly to your tastes and interior decorations.  While the product maintains the warm appearance of a teak deck, it requires less maintenance, is easier to clean and weighs less.

TT Custom Marine’s PlasDECK surface matches the style of traditional teak decks, but it exponentially boosts functionality.   For more information, visit

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