Stop Mildew in its Tracks

The latest in clean solutions: MonoFoil Marine spray eliminates mildew before it becomes a problem.

Sea Ray owners have higher standards. You don’t take maintenance of your boat lightly, and when pesky problems like mildew encroach, you want them gone. A higher standard in mildew solutions is called for, and Great Lakes Boat Top has the answer with MonoFoil Marine spray. Unlike other sprays that treat mildew after your boat is blemished, MonoFoil Marine spray actually repels mold, mildew and 50 types of bacteria from attaching to upholstery, canvas, fiberglass and any other boat surface for up to three months. MonoFoil Marine spray’s sophisticated technology allows the spray to bond with any boat surface on a molecular level, forming a line of defense on the treated surface and attacking any mold or mildew before it becomes an issue.

Developed to eradicate bacteria in hospitals and other settings that require commercial-grade standards, MonoFoil eliminates MRSA and other resistant microorganisms and treats 400 square feet per quart. Eliminate the spread of germs and harmful bacteria from the Sea Ray you call your home away from home. MonoFoil Marine spray is a versatile, effective solution that not only protects your Sea Ray, but also saves you time and effort.

MonoFoil Marine spray is available through Great Lakes Boat Top. Great Lakes Boat Top makes custom canvas solutions for Sea Ray and replacement canvas for late model Sea Rays dating back decades. To purchase MonoFoil Marine spray or for more information, contact Great Lakes Boat Top at 877-867-7861.

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