Summer’s Hottest Ticket

Sea Ray’s posh East Coast Tour kicks off with a decadent night in Tampa featuring the new L650 Fly.

At the end of a lit wooden pier under another dazzling Tampa Bay sunset, guests previewed Sea Ray’s all-new L650 Fly. The flagship of the L-Class was in good company as top-name sponsors immersed guests in an evening of inspired luxury. Three Aston Martin Vantage models purred throatily in the driveway. Glasses of Canard-Duchene champagne were raised. And the finest leather Ghurka bags were on display, eliciting appreciative nods.

Sea Ray’s exclusive preview tour for the L650 Fly began with a rousing exhibition in Tampa.

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The night of so many stars marked the first leg of an unprecedented L-Class Coastal Tour Experience, wherein the L650 Fly will travel from Tampa up the eastern seaboard, stopping in major yachting ports of call for a series of invitation-only gatherings. Each event will be held at a private waterfront location where guests can take their time exploring, enjoying and considering the L650 Fly against a backdrop of dazzling scenery, live music, exquisite food and excellent company.

“The L-Class and the L650 Fly have changed the ballgame in the luxury yachting sector, and so we felt we needed to introduce the L650 Fly to its potential buyers on their turf and with a new level of sophistication,” explained Matt Guilford, the Sea Ray Group’s vice president of marketing. “These events are high-class affairs featuring the same kind of pampering the L650 Fly will deliver to its owners.”

The L650 Fly’s East Coast tour will continue throughout the summer with stops in Charleston, Annapolis, Boston and New York, among others. Visit the Sea Ray image gallery to enjoy more scenes from Tampa Bay, and check back for images from upcoming stops on the tour.


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