Take Charge

The DieHard AGM Platinum Marine and RV battery has the stamina to power you through every adventure.

A little bit of unpredictable weather is normal toward the end of the season, but that’s not about to stop you from enjoying some final summer R&R aboard your Sea Ray. That’s why you need a battery as dedicated to being out on the water as you are. Let a DieHard AGM Platinum Marine & RV Battery do all the hard work so you can kick back without thinking twice.

Even when spotty weather brings windier conditions and choppier swells, the DieHard AGM Platinum Marine & RV Battery powers through. This battery was designed specifically to perform at optimal levels even in inclement conditions.

The corrosion-resistant brass terminals inside the casing ensure your Sea Ray or RV will start in any weather, while the rugged military-grade protective shell provides superior vibration resistance. When it’s time to pack in at the end of the season, the plates made of 99.99 percent virgin lead have up to 40% more reserve capacity (than spiral AGM batteries) so your battery doesn’t lose recharge capability or start-up efficiency the next time you put your Sea Ray in the water.

No matter the conditions, the DieHard Platinum Marine and RV Battery will power your final adventures of the season. Life Demands DieHard™.

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