Taste the Bahamas

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism celebrates 50 years with culinary events all month long.

The Bahamas are a dream destination for boaters, whether you’re charting a course from Florida by Sea Ray or flying down from the wintry north to partake in water-based bliss. There’s nothing quite like that Bahamian combination of crystal-blue seas, white-sand beaches, and a relaxed pace accented with foot-stomping Junkanoo beats.

Of course, there’s another key aspect that contributes to the nation’s appeal: the cuisine. If you’ve never experienced warm grilled conch, crispy-doughy conch fritters, or sweet-and-savory conch salad, you don’t know what you’re missing! In celebration of 50 years representing this island paradise, The Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism has proudly designated October as Culinary Tourism Month. This means a whole slate of food festivals, wine tastings and demonstrations, and special menus from participating restaurants throughout the islands.

“We are excited about the future of Culinary Tourism for The Bahamas, as we have and will continue to step up our position at international food festivals and competitions to expose more people to the Bahamian cuisine,” said Culinary Tourism Manager DeAnne Gibson. “We invite everyone to visit and participate in the flavors of our cuisine.”

To learn more, visit bahamas.com.

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