Teak Carpet™

Welcome to the latest in marine carpeting.

What’s soft underfoot, appealing to the eye and incredibly easy to install? Teak Carpet™, an innovation in marine carpeting that lets you enhance your Sea Ray’s floor in a snap. Teak Carpet looks just like expensive teak decking, but doesn’t require continuous cleaning or scrubbing to maintain a luxurious finish. Made in Australia and now available stateside, Teak Carpet comes with a new Marine Backing, which does away with the traditional rubber layer. This design allows water to drain through for faster drying times. Plus, Teak Carpet is now lighter and easier to remove for seasonal cleaning.

Send Teak Carpet a template and your carpet will arrive pre-cut.

Stateside Teak Carpet is available in widths between 6’6″ and 13′ and lengths up to 100′. These dimensions make large areas easier to cover with less joining. Ordering is easy, too; simply provide Teak Carpet with a template or order rolls in your preferred size for easy self-installation.

Set foot down your own path to beautiful Teak Carpeting. For questions or to place an order, please email TeakCarpet@usa.com with your request. And to learn about one Sea Ray owner’s personal experience with Teak Carpet, read on.

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