1, 2, 3 . . . Teak!

Innovative flooring from Teak Carpet® adds style and function in a flash.

Looking for a stylish and affordable way to enhance the cockpit area of your Sea Ray? Look no further than Teak Carpet®. With an appearance that resembles expensive teak decking at a fraction of the cost, Teak Carpet is the smart, low-maintenance way to add a touch of luxury.

The end of the season is a prime time to tackle the project if your boat is heading into storage for the winter. But even if you’re a lucky year-rounder, the process is easy enough that you’ll be back out on the water in no time. Installation boils down to the following steps:

1- Remove all the carpet from your Sea Ray that you intend to replace.

2- Lay the pieces flat. Measure the width at its widest point, as well as the length at its longest. Then, measure the approximate linear distance around the outside edge.

3- Contact the experts at Teak Carpet by sending an email to teakcarpet@usa.com with your measurements. (Including a snapshot of your old carpet is also helpful.) A representative will respond to assist you in ordering your teak carpeting. They can also point you to area pros that can bind any cut edges, or complete the install if you prefer.

4- When it arrives, lay your new carpet onto the floor of your boat. Teak Carpet is designed not to require rubber backing (which also makes for quicker drying times and less hassle). It can be secured with carpet glue or with the addition of snaps, but if it’s laid wall-to-wall you may not require further fastening.

And if D.I.Y. projects don’t float your boat, Teak Carpet offers professional, affordable installation services to handle the whole process. Either way, the end result is an elegant, refreshed look for your Sea Ray and soft new footing for you to enjoy.

Visit Teak Carpet online to learn more—and check back soon for Teak Carpet’s expanded range of available colors, coming in October!

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