The New Face of Navigation

Raymarine's new eS Series displays are the ultimate in confident command.

Wherever your summer journeys take you, and whatever activities you pursue—fishing, watersports, hosting a memorable gathering or heading off to explore the horizon—you pride yourself in having total mastery of your vessel. There’s something about standing at the helm, the wind whipping through your hair, that’s deeply empowering.

It’s in that spirit of confident command that Raymarine® devised its new eS Series. These high-tech systems, featured on the L-Class lineup and available on select Sea Ray models, put everything you need right at your fingertips. Rotary control, navigation, sensors, safety and entertainment functions can all be controlled through the large, full-color screen. Plus, integrated GPS and automatic route planning take all the guesswork out of navigating to your destination.

Fully loaded with Raymarine’s latest and greatest technologies, including Chirp DownVision sonar and WiFi for mobile apps, the eS Series integrates seamlessly with a host of other cutting-edge Raymarine gear, including radar, video monitoring, and thermal night vision. And with Raymarine’s HybridTouch technology, you have the choice of intuitive interaction options: the familiar pinch-to-zoom approach, or full keypad control when seas are rough.

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