The Pull of the Outdoors

Pulled watersports offer thrills in all shapes and sizes for boaters of every stripe.

It’s incredible how you can take all the hair-whipping power and pinpoint performance of your Sea Ray and channel it into one tightly woven, neon-colored thread… that is, a tow rope. Grab hold of that rope’s handle and plant yourself firmly on a piece of state-of-the-art watersports equipment—be it a pair of HO Sports skis, a Hyperlite wakeboard or a colorful HO tube—and the definition of “fun” comes sharply into focus. Throw in a blue-sky day, a glassy-surfaced body of water and a cluster of grinning friends, and the fun levels rocket off the charts.

The popularity of pulled watersports has increased in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. New products make it easier than ever for athletes of all levels to engage in towing feats. Take, for example, Hyperlite’s Shaun Murray Signature Model board. Its Subtle 3-Stage rocker gives the board more pop than ever, but lets the rider maintain good speed and enjoy natural carving. An exaggerated landing zone helps with smooth edge transitions and soft landings. So tricksters can take flight as well as stick the landing.

Plus, when it comes to pure giddyup, your Sea Ray packs all the performance you could ask for. Strong, reliable Mercury power ensures a quick start and a steady pull. Next Wave innovations like Dynamic Running Surface™, available on select models, enhance capability further by letting you control wake shape, while dynamically articulating planes in the hull give everybody onboard a smooth ride.

And for young riders, nothing tops the experience of hopping onto an oversized toy and letting Mom or Dad throttle up the thrills. Whoever’s assigned to Instagramming duty can count on plenty of material. Buckled into a comfortable PFD, even the littlest tube-goers benefit from added protection.

Before summer comes to a close, get out there and get swept up in the pull of the great outdoors. We bet you’ll agree, there’s magic at the end of every tow rope.

Visit HO Sports to check out the full lineup of gear and accessories, or ask your local Sea Ray dealer to hook you up.

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