There's an App for That

There’s an App for That

Raymarine offers three apps that allow for remote access and control of an onboard multifunction display.

Boaters of yesteryear used to hope for the best with a compass, a map and a good sense of direction. Enter Raymarine. Their multifunction displays have been assisting the modern boater with all things navigation for decades. Now, they’ve introduced three new applications that provide the convenience of viewing data and controlling Raymarine multifunction displays from your Sea Ray cabin or even your home or office.

The free Raymarine RayView app, which works on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad as well as on Android and Kindle Fire, allows you to connect to your Raymarine multifunction display and stream the MFD image directly to your gadget. The RayControl app turns your tablet into a complete remote multifunction display. Control and view electronic charting, sonar, radar and even thermal night vision. You’ll enjoy the same easy touch-screen interaction on your tablet as on the actual display. Plus, an on-screen touch-activated control board allows for rotation through menus so you can make effortless adjustments. Last but not least, the RayRemote app transforms your smartphone or tablet into a large, fully functional remote-control keyboard for your display.

Additionally, Raymarine has introduced the jumbo-size, 15.4-inch e165 HybridTouch™ Display. Like other members of the e Series, this display features built-in Wi-Fi to interface with the three new apps. And for Sea Ray owners, the new display drops directly into the cutout of the previous-generation E140W. Get a 20-percent larger screen without the hassle of cutting into the instrument panel. Happy navigation!

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