Black Tiger Prawns

A Toast To the Boating Life

Nobilo Wines have created a savory recipe that pairs exceptionally with the Nobilo Regional Collection Sauvignon Blanc.

During the day, open water offers limitless exploration and adventure. And at dusk, just before the sun dips below the horizon, it paints a stunning canvas best viewed from the deck of a Sea Ray. It’s here where passengers gather to raise a glass in appreciation of the expanse of blue that once again provided another perfect day.

With opulent fruity flavors and clear minerality, Nobilo Regional Collection Sauvignon Blanc celebrates open water and all it has to offer. That’s because it pairs flawlessly with a gently rocking boat anchored in front of a picturesque sunset. But this white wine doesn’t just match a lifestyle on the water; its flavors also blend perfectly with the bounty residing in the ocean’s depths.

The experts at Nobilo Wines recommend pairing the Regional Collection Sauvignon Blanc with pan-seared Black Tiger prawns. The wine’s zesty lemon and peach notes enhance the light tanginess of the dish, creating a satisfying combination of flavors that brilliantly complement the enjoyment of open water—and the Sea Ray that lets you take advantage of it.

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