Welcome to the Good Life

GMC's trailering expert ponders the joys and responsibilities of towing your Sea Ray.

Buying my first boat was one of the most gratifying and exciting events in my life, because it came with a type of freedom and well-being that few other possessions offer. I quickly realized a good boat is the key to escaping the pressures of the everyday world. A boat allows you to steal away on the water to ski, fish, sail, or just motor along with no particular activity or destination in mind. Such getaways soothe the soul.

Add in the companionship of friends and family who want to share in the fun and excitement, and you have a recipe for a rich, healthy lifestyle to pass on from generation to generation. I know because that’s how my dad looked at boating and being a boat owner—and it’s how I feel now when there’s a boat parked in my driveway.

For all the fun ownership of a Sea Ray brings to one’s life, it also brings added responsibilities and decision-making. How am I going to get to and from water, you wonder. Safe and responsible boat ownership begins with knowing how to properly trailer your boat.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t know a lot about towing a boat; there are millions of boat owners who trailer their boats, but everyone can benefit from a few smart tips. That’s what the Sea Ray Trailering Guide is all about: providing a short-course on the right way to trailer so you can fully experience the joys of the boating lifestyle.

— Bruce W. Smith, author of The Complete Guide to Trailering Your Boat.

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