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Raymarine navigational systems are a fitting counterpart to Sea Ray's sophisticated yachts.

Every Sea Ray sport yacht and yacht is designed with a purpose: to deliver a thoughtful balance of style, performance, livability and luxury. Similarly, leading marine electronics brand Raymarine® balances cutting-edge technology and beautiful displays that maintain a yacht’s elegant look and feel. When paired together, Raymarine and Sea Ray make a sophisticated and highly complementary statement.

Raymarine’s flagship product, the gS-Series Glass Bridge Multifunction Navigation System, is available on every Sea Ray L-Class yacht. With its all-glass, touchscreen design, gS-Series blends seamlessly with the yachts’ sleek helm stations. “Where many yacht electronics systems look like a hodgepodge of dissimilar devices, Raymarine’s gS-Series matches the modern styling found on L-Class yachts,” says James McGowan, marketing manager at FLIR Systems, Raymarine’s parent brand.

Underneath its stylish appearance, the gS-Series boasts a depth of technology, running on Raymarine’s easy-to-use LightHouse™ II operating system, a high-contrast color interface designed for clear readability in all lighting. The gS-Series and LightHouse II feature oversized smartphone-inspired icons that take you right to your most-needed navigation apps, including chart-mapping capabilities. “The gS-Series and LightHouse II may be incredibly intelligent, but the experience is designed to be immediately intuitive, with easy access to commonly used features and functions,” James says.

Every Raymarine-equipped Sea Ray also includes C-MAP, a worldwide library of highly accurate and easy-to-read electronics charts, so you can cruise as far as you’d like with confidence. The C-MAP system aggregates electronics charts from other leading chart makers like Navionics, NV-Digital, Standard Mapping and more to give you the best variety and options available.

Beyond GPS and mapping, the gS-Series system also features Raymarine’s high-definition color radar system installed to provide all-weather navigation capability. Many Sea Ray yachts can be optioned with a Raymarine Thermal Night Vision camera system by FLIR. This camera works day or night, enhancing safety and situational awareness in crowded harbors and on open seas. The camera is fully integrated with gS-Series displays, GPS, electronic charts and radar systems, and can pan and tilt via touch control from any display onboard. The camera can also automatically locate and track other yachts or features of interest that are cued to the camera by touching the electronic map or from the radar’s target tracking system.

As Sea Ray gears up to launch several exciting new models this season, Raymarine has the innovations to match—like the EmpirBus Digital Switching System, a revolutionary automation system like those found in high-end homes. The touch displays can control all of the major electrical, lighting, HVAC and mechanical systems onboard the yacht through a custom graphical interface. The system also provides monitoring for critical systems, alarms and alerts, and even has the ability to communicate and be controlled via remote text messaging.

“Raymarine is always working toward developing ever more sophisticated products, much like Sea Ray,” James says. “They provide the ideal platforms for running our wide range of beautiful and advanced technology.”

To learn more about Raymarine’s advanced navigational technology, visit raymarine.com.

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