Winterization Made Easy

The Fuel Experts at ValvTect Offer Their Best Tips to Protect Your Sea Ray After Haul Out.

After a stellar summer of boating, haul-out time inevitably approaches for those of us in cooler climates. But by giving your fuel the special care it needs, you can hit the water the first day of spring without pause. Winterize your Sea Ray with these tips from the fuel experts at ValvTect:

1. Add an ethanol gasoline treatment, not just a stabilizer.
Particularly during winter storage, corrosion and phase separation can occur in ethanol-blended gasoline. This causes ethanol and water to separate from your gas and sink to the bottom of your tank. If you use ethanol-blended or non-ethanol gasoline, add ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment to stabilize fuel and prevent these types of problems.

2. Add a diesel-fuel treatment for ultra-low sulfur diesel and biodiesel.
Bacterial growth and sludge can plug your filters and cause engine corrosion. Unfortunately ultra-low sulfur and biodiesel are more vulnerable to this kind of growth, but ValvTect BioGuard Plus 6 can help. This multifunctional diesel-fuel additive contains microbiocide, stabilizer, corrosion inhibiter, moisture dispersant, lubricity improver, detergent and cetane improver for complete protection during the winter season to keep your diesel fuel in great shape.

3. Leave your tank 95% full.
This may seem counterintuitive, but leaving your tank 95% full will minimize the adverse effects of condensation and allow the fuel inside room to expand when spring temperatures arrive.

The better care you give your fuel in the fall, the better your Sea Ray’s engine will run after a long winter. Make your spring boating season spectacular by using ValvTect Marine Fuel additives for all the care your fuel needs. You bought the very best when you invested in a Sea Ray; preserve it with the very best—ValvTect.

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